Aug 08 2016

Generation Prog live at the Z-Bau: Concerts + Festival 2016

In collaboration with the Z-Bau we’ll be bringing several high-quality bands to Nürnberg in September and October:

Generation Prog live at the Z-Bau, Nürnberg

17.9.2016 Special Providence (HU) + Time Shift Accident (GER)

9.10.2016 Yossi Sassi Band (ISR) + Sechem (ESP)

21.10.2016 Generation Prog Festival 2016
23:00 Haken (UK/USA/Mexico)
21:40 Daniel Gildenlöw (SWE)
20:00 Andromeda (SWE)
18:30 Crystal Breed (GER)

You’ll be able to (pre-)order tickets for all concerts via our website.