MacLean / Schetter / Tinge

MacLean Schetter Tinge

We are proud to be hosting a performance by an exclusive band at Generation Prog Festival 2015: MacLean / Schetter / Tinge brings together an international team of prog/fusion specialists from England, the Netherlands and Germany. They are preparing an exciting setlist with tracks by Planet X, On the Virg, Toto, Los Lobotomys, Alessandro Bertoni and more. The core trio will be supported by keyboardist Sebastian Halbig and Indian percussionist PV Bhaskar.

  • Tom MacLean (To-Mera, ex-Haken) – guitar
  • Michael Schetter (Relocator) – bass
  • Frank Tinge (Relocator) – drums
  • + Special guests:

  • Sebastian Halbig (Time Shift Accident) – keyboards
  • PV Bhaskar – percussion