Coming soon: THEO – The Game of Ouroboros

THEO cover
New year, new release: We’re excited to be releasing the debut album from the progressive rock project THEO in collaboration with Big O Records. THEO was founded by Jim Alfredson, otherwise known as the keyboardist for the great modern organ jazz trio Organissimo. “I formed THEO because I wanted to hear the kind of music I grew up listening to as a kid. Remember putting on the headphones, putting the needle in the groove, opening the gatefold, and letting the music take you to another place? That’s what THEO is about,” says Alfredson. Inspired by classic bands like Yes, ELP, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and Genesis, THEO brings epic songwriting and sweeping narratives back to the forefront with contemporary sensibilities and production.

Here’s an excerpt from the title track of the album:

THEO’s debut album is called The Game of Ouroboros and consists of 6 tracks with a total playing time of 58 minutes. On January 27, 2015 it will be available as a download, as an audio CD and as a special edition with audio CD and a Blu-ray Disc (BD-R format) with a stereo mix in 24 bit / 96 kHz and a 5.1 mix in Dolby AC-3. We’re already taking pre-orders via our online store!

Here’s a complete song to give you another taste of the album – These Are the Simple Days: