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Live at the Generation Prog Festival 2016 at the Z-Bau (Galerie) on October 21

Andromeda turned some heads in the prog scene with their 2001 debut album Extension of the Wish. Fifteen years and four studio albums later (currently working on album No. 6) they are without a doubt one of the best prog metal bands of the new millennium. The five Swedes are a phenomenal live band, as proven by two impressive live DVDs.

Andromeda - Live in Vietnam

Live in Vietnam (2016, Live-DVD) – Watch a full song

Andromeda - Manifest Tyranny

Manifest Tyranny (2011) – Listen to a full song

The Immunity Zone (2008) – Listen to a full song

Playing Off The Board (2007, Live-DVD) – Watch a full song

Chimera (2006)

II=I (2003)

Extension of the Wish (2001)